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8 Oct 2016 gpsfake is a test harness for gpsd and its clients. It opens a pty (pseudo-TTY), launches a gpsd instance that thinks the slave side of the pty is its GPS device, and 28 Nov 2012 At first, I have made several tests using gpsfake and a fake GPS log (specifying the gpsfake option "-c 0.5", in order to have two sentences per 30 Apr 2013 Have you tried to create a logfile of the gps nmea sentences with gpscat? You can feed such a file to gpsd with gpsfake. WHat indication do youTutorial. The following guide sets up the reserved nodes to operate with the ITS Gpsfake uses as an input file the gps.txt file (located at the /root directory of the Add online tutorial and new-feature notification. Click the tutorial button on the top right corner, you will see the tutorial and new feature added to virtual location. Accordingly, we support the gpsfake tool that simulates a GPS using recorded or synthetic log data. We support gpsprof , which collects accuracy and latency gpsfake is a test harness for gpsd and its clients. gpsfake does not require root privileges, and can be run concurrently with a production gpsd instance without causing problems. The thread sending fake GPS data to the daemon is run in background. 12 May 2007 I'm just programming a GPS-application and therefore I'd like to create a virtual GPS-device using the data of a GPS test run (NMEA protocol). Those two commands work quite fine, the only problem is that there is no data arriving on ttyS0. I have already checked the ttyS0 interface A nmea device can be simulated with the "gpsfake" tool (together with "gpspipe"): . I checked the gpsd docs and a few other tutorials so I'm sure I'm missing

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