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Snowboard Boot Buyer's Guide then your shoe size is probably a tad too big and you should think about sizing down a 1/2 size for a snowboard boot. ALSO: Keep in mind that one of your feet is probably bigger than the other (often it's a difference of about 1/4-size). Size for the bigger foot Snowboard Boots and Bindings. Speaking of toes and heels, boots and bindings are an essential part of the snowboarding experience. Snowboard boots are fairly simple to size since they size just like standard footwear. If you wear size 10 shoes, you'll probably need size 10 boots. Myth Buster: Snowboard Sizing. January 26, 2016. Myth: If you stand behind your snowboard, the vertical height of your board should land somewhere between your nose and your chin. Boot Size. More than a snowboard's length, you need to consider the waist width. Your boot size designates Best Answer: I highly suggest not buying boots online without atleast first having tried them on. Theirs a good chance the boot may not fit your feet properly and have bad pressure points. Something I suggest doing is trying on a bunch of different brands with your boarding socks on, make sure you walk around and even do some hops in them. Snowboard Boots. General Boot Sizing Guide As a general rule of thumb your snowboard boots should fit like any other boot that you have in the house - be it a hiking, work or motocross boot. Gear up with warm-weather essentials for the break you deserve. - Shop The Spring Break Collection What size of snowboard boots should I buy? Boots are arguably the most important part of your snowboard setup. Selecting a proper size is essential in both comfort and performance. It is also important to consider that the size of your boot should be compatible with the size of binding you intend to use. Burton Size Chart (Snowboard Boots) Burton follows normal shoe sizes. Choose the same size as your normal shoe size. Snowboard Boots from Burton should sit tight around your foot. As t

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