What is Digital Asset Management

In the collection of digital assets, Digital Asset Management and its implementation as a computer application are necessary to ensure that the owner, and maybe their delegates, can perform actions on the data files.

DAM systems are employed in a specific operational environment. The types of input encoders used to create digital copies of assets to bring them under management, as well as the output decoder or formatters needed to make them useful as documents and/or online resources, are the most significant differences between them.

What Exactly Does a Digital Asset Manager do

A Digital Asset Manager is in charge of all of an organization's digital assets, but this isn't all they do. They're also in charge of overseeing how those assets are utilized.

Digital asset management is a highly collaborative role that entails a wide range of duties, including.

  • New hires receive training on how to access and use the company's digital assets, as well as ongoing training on any process changes.
  • Processes should be documented in technical training manuals and kept up to date as they change.
  • Monitoring of how people use specific assets, whether they are used internally or externally.
  • Continuously enhancing workflows by researching and assisting with the implementation of new technology.
  • Creating and managing asset purchase and creation budgets.
  • Keeping track of which employees have access to which assets.
  • Any adjustments to existing assets are approved or denied.
  • Make sure assets are backed up in the event of a fire loss.
  • Metadata, taxonomy, and labelling for material are all being updated.
  • File security is being tracked and monitored.
  • A Digital Asset Manager is responsible for all of an organization's digital assets, as well as the technology that supports them, how people interact with them, and the processes that keep them secure.


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Understanding the significance of Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems is crucial when investing in digital assets. A Digital Asset Manager plays a vital role in ensuring that an organization's digital assets are effectively managed, utilized, and secured. This involves various responsibilities, such as training employees on accessing and using digital assets, monitoring asset usage, implementing new technologies to enhance workflows, managing budgets for asset creation, controlling access to assets, ensuring backups are in place, updating metadata and labeling, and monitoring file security. Overall, a Digital Asset Manager is responsible for the holistic management of an organization's digital assets and the technology and processes supporting them.

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