associated with hair dryness are trichorrhexis nodosa (the appearance of thickening in the hair shaft that causes the hair to break at that point) and trichoptilosis (hair that is split at the ends, or "split ends"). Alopecia Scientific term used to designate the temporary fall or defDiseases that cause hair loss Hair loss can occur due to some diseases and for that reason it is essential to locate this cause prematurely so that a professional can suggest the most appropriate treatment. The ailments that cause alopecia, brittleness or weakness in the hair are numerous. Some of them will be exposed below: Alopecia areata It consists of a condition that causes hair loss and that causes autoimmunity in the body. The very defenses of the body attack the hair follicles. The moment the white blood cells attack the hair follicles, they stop the normal growth of the hair, irrevocably causing its loss. Alopecia areata most commonly attacks children and young adults. The specific reason for its appearance is unknown, however it is noticed with surprising ease when observing holes in the surface of the head, absent of hair. This loss can occur on the eyebrows, facial hair, and eyelashes. Lupus This autoimmune disease needs an environmental trigger such as sun exposure, an infection or hormonal disorders (as it happens in pregnancy) to be able to emerge. Lupus damages different organs of the body.

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