Digital Asset Security and the Global Digital Asset Summit

Digital Asset  Security (DAS) 

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) or blockchain is used to create digital assets. Digital asset security is a twin of any traditional investment, just as NFTs, a one-of-a-kind token or piece of artwork.


The digital asset securities industry is frequently obscured by other segments of the market, such as video gaming and non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, which Steinberg blames on the space's general unfamiliarity. The advantages of digital asset securities are too compelling for investors to overlook. The major benefits of blockchain-based settlement for digital asset securities for institutional investors include real-time settlement transparency and fractional ownership.


Global (DAS)

The Global Digital Asset Summit brings together global professionals from the asset management, financial services, and crypto industries to debate how digital assets will impact the future and provide investment opportunities. The Global Digital Assets Summit 2022 will be a joyful gathering of 500+ global digital asset entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and scholars, linking them with a two-day conference on how to be early metaverse inhabitants. The summit will include motivational keynotes and panel discussions on themes ranging from blockchain, NFTs, Defi, and DAO to deep investment analysis and the legitimacy of digital assets as Web 3.0 evolves. In speakers, conference locations, and programs, as well as the COVID policy, will be revealed.

There Are Two Type of Digital Asset

1.  Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is an electronic data unit designed to be used as a means of exchange for goods, services, other digital assets, or any other rights that can be used as a medium of exchange if users accept it. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two cryptocurrencies that Thais are familiar with. Which are significant elements that make both digital money and cryptocurrency popular because investors can invest a little amount of money and have a simple trading system.

2.          Digital Token

Token issuers may provide tokens through the Initial Coin Offering procedure, and digital tokens are electronic data units that are produced to determine the investment Token or the ability to buy items and services or other rights as negotiated with the Token issuer.


The trend of investing in "Digital Assets" has gained traction, and many people are interested in participating. Because it is expected to create high profits in a short time. However, because it is a new financial asset, it is vital to thoroughly grasp it before investing. the Global Digital Asset Summit is a crypto conference for asset managers and financial industry professionals with an institutional focus. Industry luminaries from the worlds of finance and digital assets will convene to discuss cryptocurrency from the standpoint of practitioners.


WIZBYTES GLOBAL has transformed from a media company to a professional networking firm in less than 20 years, thanks to technological advancements. Wizbytes Global Organised Digital Assets Protection Summit Event 2022 on 28 April 2022.


DAPS 2022 would like to extend a warm welcome to you.We'll host a lively discussion between investors and top digital security businesses.The summit's new framework will appeal to a wider audience, including industry, policymakers, hospitals, startups, investors, automobile firms, the press, banks, and hotels, among others.


Investors from various industries make up a diverse group of crypto enthusiasts.We'll also broaden the target audience to include a broader representation of the cyber industry, with over 4000 CEOs, doctors, and lawyers receiving all event alerts.SMEs, entrepreneurs, and investors will benefit from our efforts.

Book your seat!!

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